I feel like I read about an innovation on this scale every 90-120 days but there's not often follow-up. Maybe deghg can help

House washed away in Montana
It just kinda trundles on down the river

There’s no one left to convince by another explanation of how bad the climate change worst case scenarios. Honestly, there pretty much isn’t anyone left to convince by any means. I have wished for a lot more reporting/opinion/literature around “here’s how to contribute to the national challenge that will last our lifetimes”. We talk about the work of scientists and engineers as though they are some property of existence, rather than a resource we must continue to develop. This is actually how scientists and wonks talk about it. e.g. how do we weight chemistry research grants to prioritize climate change, etc. But due to a reasonable concern about getting trolled by bad faith critics or not trusting people to accept things at face value, we have a very panic-driven conversation. And I have it personally ever seen hard problems solved by panicked people.

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Regardless of whether it’s 2030 or 2035, this seems correct. It’s going to be interesting to see what it looks like when global emissions actually start decreasing.